For such a time as this…

16 May
Something funny is going on.  Again.  Only three other times in my life do I remember this happening quite like this.  Once was in my teens, once was in my mid-twenties, and once was after I was married.  The first time was the one that shaped my future beliefs about all the relationships I have ever had.  The second time I often refer to as the “summer of listening” and it resulted in meeting my husband!  The last time I had a vision of a tornado coming down the golf fairway that we lived on and tearing down our house.  Within a few weeks we relocated, in the most inconvenient timing ever imaginable, just three weeks before a hurricane really did hit the city we lived in.
I never have really liked blogs all that much.  In one way I wonder what I could possibly say that anyone else would really find all that interesting to read on a regular basis.  It also seems a little overwhelming to keep up with a new project.  And besides, if anyone wants to talk to me, they can pick up the phone and call, right? But lately, words are literally spilling out of my head!  And I feel the urgency to record events as they are happening.  Little things.  Big things.  Little things that seem like big things.    So I guess maybe in one way this blog isn’t for you, it’s for me.  But in another way, I feel like it’s bigger than that.  It’s part of the strange stuff going on.

This time I am not really sure what the outcome will be, but I know it’s happening again: God is stirring my spirit.  In the past couple of months, starting a year or so ago and growing ever stronger, I have been enlightened about a number of things and in response I have fasted, prayed and opened an obedient heart.  I know the task He sets before me is not an easy one.  But I will do whatever He is asking me to do.  And, strangely enough,  it starts with this blog!
“For who knows, but that you have come to this position for such a time as this?”  -Esther 4:14 
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