Seeing you, Mom

16 May
J3 is a preschool graduate now.  I am one proud mama!  He has grown from a toddler into a little boy this past year, and I have watched him stretch his imagination, his knowledge, his values, and his faith.  He has befriended the kids who needed extra love, he has been eager to please his teachers, he has told us every detail of every new lesson he has learned.  I think his biggest accomplishment was something we learned together at home, as we taught him to memorize the 23rd Psalm, all before he even turned 5!  Yesterday’s graduation was a lovely culmination of his preschool years.  “Yankee Doodle” was a display of physical skills, the parachute drill showed how the group could work together, and the music showed little hearts pouring out tender love for God.  J3 was so proud as he marched in his line and searched the crowd for his family and saw every grandparent and parent sitting there to watch him.  Even he knew the importance of this special day as a milestone in his life. 

The best part?  As we drove away from the building, I asked him what his favorite part of graduation was.  He didn’t even hesitate as he stated, simply, “Seeing you.”   

Be still my heart.  

Kindergarten lies ahead.  But not until I’ve had all summer to enjoy my children!   


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