2 Jun

J2 and J3 went to the golf course Sunday so I took the girls to the pool.  Bathing AC is similar to bathing a cat, so I wasn’t really sure how she would like the water, but I knew from our beach trip that she would enjoy just playing with toys around the pool.  Some bigger boys were in the baby pool, waiting for rest break to be over so they could return to the big pool.  A man came over to the baby pool to photograph them playing in the fountain.  He had a gigantor camera; seriously the largest bag and equipment I’d seen, and I could not believe he’d risked bringing it all to the pool!  At first I was thinking “Dang, dad, a little overkill on the memory-making” but, hey, I’d forgotten my own camera at home for my baby’s first pool dip, so what kind of mom was I anyway?    Just then, the whistle blew, the bigger boys left, but cameraman stayed…and started shooting my girls!  I could feel the panic starting to rise when I turned to confront him…and I realized he was from the NEWSPAPER!  He was doing a local feature on neighborhood pools, and he stayed for awhile taking pictures of the girls as they played in the water.  He left awhile later, apologizing because he wasn’t sure if a picture would even run, let alone a picture of them.  So many photos had been shot that day, so many pools, it all depends on available space.  Whatever. We didn’t come to the pool for photographs that day anyway, right?

 The next day, the monday newspaper had the picture below…on the FRONT PAGE!   


Let’s hope this is the kind of news which keeps them in any future headlines. 😉

“There, in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families shall eat and shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the Lord your God has blessed you.” Deut 12:7

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