Summertime fun

2 Jun

We love summertime at our house!  We try to do “something fun” every day.  This means we try to do a planned activity daily.  So far this summer we have gine to the childrens science museum and the botainical gardens, both times for organized events–we will go back for unstructured play time as well.  We also plan to do the drive-by zoo later this week.  Sometimes we have a “pajama day” which means we build a sheet-fort somewhere in the house and make a fun snack (say, a spider with round crackers, peanut butter, pretzel sticks and raisins…maybe I’ll find a picture and post later), and of course stay in pajamas all day long!   My kids are much more likely to do something structured in the morning, like workbook pages or reading skills or swimming or piano practice, knowing they have something fun to look forward to in the afternoon.  It’s my favorite time of the year, and we are enjoying every minute of it!  Happy summer!


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