25 Things

6 Jun
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I very much believe in God. He speaks to me very clearly and I listen. This is #1 because it is really the one thing that sets the tone for everything in my life, even if that is not obvious to everyone else.
2. My husband is really special. Any elaboration to this statement would completely dilute the magnitude of its meaning, but suffice it to say that he is really, really special in the deepest sense of that word.
3. I love my children so much it can make me cry just thinking about it. I really enjoy being a mom. ♥
4. I really, really like to read. But I don’t like series books after the first one. I also like to look things up.
5. I am without a doubt the pickiest eater you know. But if you ever want to do an act of kindness for me, cook me dinner (I don’t care what you cook) or take me out to eat (please, you choose the restaurant). I’ll thoroughly enjoy anything in front of me if I don’t have to make it happen.
6. Contrary to popular belief I have a terrible memory. And I am not very organized.
7. I am very opinionated, and I do not mind one bit if we have differing opinions.
8. I don’t like to be surprised.
9. I missed as many classes of high school as they would allow me to miss and still graduate. Same thing in college. But I graduated from both with a 3.5 gpa. I still studied a lot (on my own).
10. The most famous person I have met is Katie Couric. She held Joseph when he was 10 months old and took him on camera to announce a commercial break.
11. I am not a morning person. If you talk to me before 9:30 am there is no telling what nonsense my reply might be.
12. I have a minor in geology. I am also a medievalist. I have taught British literature (Anglo-Saxon through Renaissance) at both high school and college levels. I have also contributed to writing a college textbook on professional writing.
13. I love having overnight company, entertaining at my house, giving people gifts, and writing handwritten notes to people.
14. I do not watch tv. I could completely live without it and never even miss it. Just because it is here, I watch the Today Show on occasion and I will sometimes watch a series of a show (The Bachelor or some other silly show like that) but once it’s over, I don’t necessarily watch the next series.
15. I am horrible at math. And driving.
16. I am a pretty good cook, but I cannot even bake slice and bake cookies.
17. I don’t just look at the best of things. In fact I am pretty critical. The more I pick something apart, the more likely I am to love it that much more.
18. Growing up, most people knew me as Birdie. I was also called a host of other Byrd-related names, such as Byrd-woman, Byrd-legs, just plain Byrd, and “Just an old Crow.”
19. I’ve never broken a bone. But once I fell and bruised my elbow so bad I had to wear a cast for a week. This happened approximately an hour before a wedding rehearsal. I was the maid of honor. With a freshly made cast.
20. I don’t like “diet” anything. Give me a real Coke, please!
21. I received a letter from President Bush in 2007 when I was awarded a Point of Light Award.
22. I sneezed when I was born and I have been sneezing ever since. Which is why my eyes are always so red.
23. I came home from the first day of first grade with a migraine. I have had migraines ever since. And always on the first day of school, whether as a student or the teacher.
24. On any given day you can find me in one of three places: church, Target, or the hospital. I frequent these locations 3 times a week each at a bare minimum.
25. Throughout each season of my life thus far, I have been really blessed to have had a very diverse group of great friends, each of which has made a profound influence on me. Thank you for being one of them!

Whew. I never really do these things. I can’t believe I did this one. I guess it’s because I really enjoy reading them about other people. A lot more than I enjoyed making my own. ☺ I challenge you to do one, and link us to yours!

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