To Blog, or not to Blog?

8 Jun
I’ll admit, I am really struggling with this blogging thing.  As I posted in one of my original posts, I don’t really know where I am going with this blog.  I have been doing a little research to try to figure it all out. 

I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs; my reader contains blogs of all varieties: political blogs (some even differ from my own opinions), mommy blogs, blogs of friends whose families I like to read about, do-it-yourself project blogs, advice blogs, blogs on particular topics of interest. 

But when it comes time to write my own blog, I find myself feeling a bit narcissistic.  Does anyone really care that much about what I have to say?  Is my opinion really that valuable?  What could I possibly add to the blogosphere that would increase the importance level?

Well, then perhaps I will just use the blog to record family moments, I think.  I have three young children, and I am certainly feeling time slip away as we are creating memories faster than I can record them in my brain or on paper.  
 But do I need a public forum for that?  Isn’t a scrapbook enough?  My family and friends who know me well enough know they can see pictures on facebook or even just via email.  If they really care, they will call or email to find out about cute little stories or anecdotes about their lives…right?  Do we need a blog for that?
I’m a little worried about opening myself up to speculation or criticism as well.  I already receive plenty of criticism as it is, and I am sure to be opened up to a healthy dose of more if my mom starts reading!  (LOL just kidding, mom!) Seriously, do I really want people speculating about what I am really like if they don’t already know me that well?

The funny thing about this is that I might just be the most opinionated, outspoken person I know.  I rarely have a difficult time talking to people, and I am always finding myself giving advice, whether or not it has been solicited.  My mommy friends almost always call me for tips and tricks and even before I was a mommy people asked me all the time for my opinions about the best of this or the best of that…and I, of course, gave them freely!  But when it comes to writing on a computer screen, without any prompt or question, I’m blank.

In my blogging research over the past few days I have become overwhelmed by what I have found in the form of advertisements, freebies and product placements.  I also find it interesting how dedicated bloggers are to their blogs–posting daily really takes a lot of commitment.  Plus the aggravation of making the blog apear like I want it to takes an enormous amount of editing time.  I am still struggling to figure out what my own motivation would be. 

Maybe this struggle indicates that I am not cut out for blogging after all. Or maybe it is just God’s way of making me really think things through before fully signing on to another project.  Either way, I’m not fully signed on yet.  Just still playing around.  Trying to find my voice.  Maybe someone will still be left to listen after I figure this out.
 Here’s some more food for thought.  And if this post does not make you think, this link certainly will.  Read more about it on Velveteen Mind here.  I’m interested in your comments too.
For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:8


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