The Preschool Years: First Fall

19 Apr

April 2007

I do not ever want to remember the details of this afternoon.  I do not want to be reminded of “how bad it could have been” or the way we calmly and gently just left what we were doing and rushed to the ER.  I do not want to recount the popsicle in the waiting room nor the “lat” in the exam room.  I do not want to picture the gash in his forehead nor the horror on his dad’s face.  I do not want to think about them tricking him into putting his hands behind his back so they could sew him up.  It was but a mild little childhood injury.  But I do not ever, ever want to relive anything like this again.

However, the little white scar that divides his left eyebrow, will always be a bookmark on this Tuesday afternoon.


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