Something fun for Everyone

20 Jun

June 2010

We had a weekend getaway to the North Georgia mountains. Although J2 and J3 have camped out overnight before, they have only “roughed it” as far as the Botanical Garden organized family campout, and although I do appreciate the natural beauty of God’s world, I also really appreciate a cushy mattress and a blow dryer.  So I found a place where we could enjoy the great outdoors but also still enjoy nice accommodations in the middle of the woods.  We stayed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, but it was so beautiful inside and we had plenty of room (and a kitchen and running water and nice bathrooms, even granite countertops…)

We also hiked so far that all we could see was woods in every direction…

We rode jetskis…

We rode horses…

J3 and Hooch:

Boo and Speck

AC and Rebel

We took in the scenery…

And we were generally just the cutest kids in the world…

We also swam in the pool, went letterboxing, and went to “Fun World” where we played laser tag, inflatables, and watched a family movie. 

Brasstown Valley, we’ll be back!

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