Ten on Tuesday

5 Oct

October 2010

1.  It’s fall, y’all.  Our heater is on, but I also left the doors wide open all afternoon to let the outside air in.  I love the fall!

2.  A couple of months ago I planned a trip to Disney World but told my kids we couldn’t go until AC was potty trained.  Today is a landmark day.  I can make good on my promise. 

3.  I am not sure how I feel about #2.  It will be awesome to be diaper-free!  And I am excited to find new uses for the changing table.  But…AC is our last child.  Our babies are gone!

4.  We’re going to Disney World!  Next week!  Talk about good timing.

5.  My friend Susan suggested a new planner/calendar that she likes–A LOT.  After reading about these awesome calendars I realized how much I missed my old planner.  (Funny, because said-friend-Susan is a former teacher-friend, and our former school supplied us with planner calendars that we were required to use…perhaps this planted the seed to be bound to paper calendars forever?)  Anyway, it has been TEN YEARS since I have used a paper planner.  TEN.  In that ten years I have become massively proficient at using the computer, and extremely dependent on my Outlook electronic calendar.  Last week I bought my own version of the family_time.mine calendar.  I have been using it for a week, computer-free, and I love it!  Check out the whole line here.

6.  As a result of #5, I have become much less dependent on the computer.  I feel free as a bird!

7.  I’ve also factored out a lot of unnecessary things in our family’s life.  If I had to write it down a gazillion times on the paper week-by-week portion of the calendar, it better be worth the effort.  If it wasn’t, I just scratched it right out of life.  Just like that.

8.  Have you read this book?  You should.

9.  My friend and I are dieting together.  It’s a financial diet.  We are trying to see where we can shave the most money from our budget and sock it away for our individual goals.  She wants lots of new furniture for their new house.  I want an addition on our house.   It’s fun already.

10.  As a result of #9, today I used something for the first time in 9 years (maybe more).  I usually send my pressing out.  Today…I used the iron.


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