Out of the mouths of babes

18 Nov

Yesterday when I walked in to pick up Boo at preschool she was holding her artwork of the day to show me what she’d made.  “Look!  It’s a ship!” she exclaimed.  “Yes, Boo, is it a pilgrim ship?” I asked.  Thanksgiving is next week and her lovely popsicle stick ship had two broad sails across the top of the construction paper.  She shook her head proudly, excited I knew what it was.  “Do you know the name of the ship?”  I asked, wondering if they’d learned a lesson about it that day as well. 

Boo stood a little taller as she loudly and confidently exclaimed: “The Flower Pot!”

As cute as was it reminded me of the night before when I was reduced to tears and aching ribs at the dinner table.

J2: “Why was Jesus born on an island?”
J3: “Whaaat? Jesus..born on an island?”  Visions of donkeys travelling in faraway lands and Mary and Joseph knocking on doors of inn after inn until finding a nearby stable filled my head.  Nope, no island there in my memory bank.
Me: “What did you get that idea, honey?”
J2: “Well, we have been singing that song, you know ♪♫ ‘No-el, no-el ♪ No-el No-eeelll ♫♪ …born off the co-ast of Is-ra-el ♫…”

Next I had to explain why I was crying at the dinner table if I was really laughing on the inside…

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