Another Gold Medal

15 May

Today was the culmination of a year of bragging rights for Gold Medal Husband.

Because of his busy work schedule he doesn’t get a lot of guy time with his friends.  Usually it comes in the form of weekend trips away, like the annual turkey hinting trip he’s been on for the past 20 years.  About three years ago, his buddies implemented a golf tournament.  They call it the “Woody,” named after the organizer of the tournament.  GMH loves to play golf — in fact, he’s pretty good at it — but he rarely has time to pick up his sticks anymore.  He was really just going out to have fun.

It seems he had more than fun at the Woody that year.  He came home with enough cash winnings to buy us a flat screen TV!  Awesome.

Soon after, he played in a local charity tournament, for our hospital.  He was paired with an amateur who was playing for pro status the following week.  Guess what?  They won.  This time, being a charity tournament and all, he won a crystal bowl…and bragging rights. He was happy to take the bragging rights!

The past couple of years he’s played in the same two tournaments, again with little practice time.  This time it showed: he came in dead last (AKA Wee Willie) at the Woody and not-so-great at the charity tournament.  Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all, right?  Well.  I don’t play games with GMH.  He has loads and loads of lovely qualities, but you see, playing games is not one of them.  I don’t even play Uno or Monopoly with him for fear that he will cheat to win.  So the whole “just play for fun” strategy was not getting it with him.  So he tried a different tactic:  bragging.  Without the rights.  He has bragged and trash-talked and cocked all over town in a cumulative fashion for the entire past year about how he is going to win the 2011 tournaments.  He has “prepped” by playing every weekend for the past two months.    And the whole. world. has. heard. about. it.

The charity tournament weekend has finally arrived. He’s been so arrogant he’s been downright hard to live with. Really it’s all been just jokes and mostly ribbing (with a lot of eye-rolling thrown in on my end).

He had a great time.
He didn’t win the tournament.
But he did win the chipping contest.
And the prize was….
a brand new car!
My husband won a car today.
When is the Woody again???





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