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Check out this book!

25 Sep

I am not a big fan of series books.  I usually read the first one and get the gist of it, and never finish the series. 

After three friends recommended this book to me, I figured I better read it.  I knew it was the start of a three-part series, and I knew I probably wouldn’t finish the series.  But, I figured, what harm was there in reading the first book.

Oh. My.

I just finished the second book in the series and can’t wait to download the third to my Nook.  Oh yes.  It’s that good.

I admit I like historical fiction anyway, but this particular historical fiction is well written because of the character development.  You will find yourself so attracted to each widely diverse character (sometimes in horrifying ways that might even scare yourself) that you will find yourself going through your day wondering if you are being more like Julia, or Olivia, when you should in all honesty be considering this situation more like Hadassah, of course.  Truly these characters are so well developed that you could almost anticipate their actions…if they weren’t so jaw-droppingly stuck in their ways. 

This is the first Christian fiction I have ever read, and I think it will be tough to follow.  I was thankful for the Book 2 teaser at the end of Book 1, for there is a lot to think about at the end of the book.  And Book 2, if possible, is even better than Book 1.  You simply will not be able to quit after the first one!


Check out this book!

1 Aug

August 2010

Did you know that the oldest American dictionary is the 1828 Webster’s dictionary?  It is special because it was the first dictionary to list the words of the American people, defining our language.  (And language is really a social phenomenon.)  This dictionary is also special because it was formed before the time of political correctness.  Therefore it contains a lot of religious reference within its definitions.  I have the compact edition for our family, and it also comes in a hardback expanded version.  The online version also lets you look up specific words as well.  Have fun!

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