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The beach: Memories in the making

13 Jun

June 2010

We went to the beach with Miss Jennifer.  We had a great time!

And even though this picture isn’t the most flattering of everyone, we will preserve it for a long time to come, because the beaches are beautiful and powdery white.  After this oil spill, who knows how long they will stay that way. Forever, we hope…

The Preschool Years: Back to the Beach

20 Apr

May 2009

Back to the beach!

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

May 2008

We’re back at the beach again!

Check out the sand castle…

That isn’t anymore!

The Preschool Years: Beach

19 Apr

May 2007

Mothers Day–our first trip to the beach!  Everyone enjoyed it!  The sand was fun. The water was fun.  J3 made tracks for his trucks in the sand.  Boo splashed in a bucket of water.  We never even went to the pool because everyone had fun on the beach.

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