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Ten on Tuesday (Halloween Costumes)

1 Nov

1. My favorite costume of ALL time when I was a kid was Pepto-Bismol and the 24-hour bug.  My sister dressed like a bug, standard store-bought get-up.  I dressed in a huge refrigerator box, painted pink, and wore a black hat.  SUPER funny.

2.  A two-fer!  For once, my children indulged me and we got a deal on our costumes.  We were the hit of our street last night when we trick or treated, and we can recycle these goodies for Thanksgiving. See Exhibit A, below!

3.  Speaking of last night…we had hundreds of treaters.  Obviously they weren’t all from our neighborhood, but I didn’t know we had that many children in our city.  It was a madhouse.  The neighbors are a little worked up about how things went, but I personally don’t mind passing out the treats if the kids are dressed up. 

My favorite on our street:  A British Flag!  Sweet girl just sewed two flags together and left a little space for her head and arms.  Dressed in matching red tights and turtleneck, and there ya go.  Super simple, but extremely well put together.  You could do this with any type of flag really.

4.  And under the age of, say, 13.

My favorite adult costume:  painting in a museum (dress in a ballgown, carry a large portrait frame)

5.  And speaking of treats, I bought 860 pieces of candy.  We have about 50 leftover.

Favorite edible costume:  hotdog! 

6.  Today J and I went to Birmingham.  I love these day trips.  We always get some great conversation time in the car.  plus a yummy lunch.  Today was no exception.  We talked about football and he announced that this is the year that Iron Bowl fans have always dreamed up, a head-to-head competition that may determine the national champion.  Gulp.

Least favorite costume:  Football attire, even if it is the football-player-got-hit-by-a-car variety.  Unoriginal, thumbs down, sorry.

7.   Most original costume:  pick your favorite board game and dress like the main idea.  For example, the poor patient being operated on in “Operation.”  You can cut out huge pieces of bones and organs and glue or velcro them to pink-colored long underwear.  Then wear a brown short-haired wig (be sure to part down the middle like the gameboard guy) and you’re done! 

8.  Best accompaniment to #7:  A friend in a white lab coat, carrying a set of grilling tongs.  You know, like the game…get it?!

9.   Super simplest costume:  black your eye, put on all white.  Make a huge black “P” and hang it around your neck.  Even better attach it to your shirt or write it onto your shirt.  Yep, now you are a black-eyed pea.  For an even funnier twist, carry a microphone, you know, like a member of the band the Black-Eyed Peas.

10.  Best for last!  Dress up as your friend!  Especially if he or she is giving the Halloween party!  You will be the hit of the party if you parody your friend just right! 

You’re now all ready for next year!  You can get started on gathering your costumes–maybe even find some for 1/2 off on sale!

Ohhhhh my apologies already for what may rank as my worst post ever.  BUT…that’s all I’ve got, folks!  See some better ToT posts at Oh Amanda! And I’ll see ya next week–it’s gonna be a good one.  I’m known for my present-giving and in the spirit of the season I’m doing a whole Top Ten on best gifts!  How’s that for a teaser?!

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