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31 Oct

This year it was Disney themed costumes…for the girls…


but because we have a little boy interested in Colonial history, we had a soldier on the loose…


oh, wait.

Yes, do wait for it.

Make that TWO soldiers.


Halloween: Tate Farms AND Disney World

21 Oct

By now you must know our Halloween traditions include our favorite places!

This year was no different! We went to the pumpkin patch. Oh, yes, we did.





And we went to Disney World. Oh, yes, we did.





This year we added a twist. We went on a Disney Cruise. Oh yes, we did.


It took us to the Bahamas. Oh yes! It did!



We had a great time again. Oh yes, we did!

We’re Thankful For…

20 Nov

Leaves in the fall…


Grandparents who come to see it all…


And turkeys too…


And moms who don’t miss a thing we do…


Pilgrims and Indians who introduced the day…


And our most wonderful teacher who made the Thanksgiving play…


1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians….

31 Oct

1 Little…..


2 Little…


3 Little Indians!

123 little indians

Magic at the Magic Kingdom

30 Oct

I don’t know what kind of Magic it really is at the Kingdom….

disney castle

But everyone stays happy, big and small…


Getting into the spirit of it all

disney epcot big kids

Truly feeling the magic of one princess meeting another

disney belles

And then dressing like the real thing themselves

disney princesses


Dressing up in Halloween Costumes…at DISNEY WORLD! What could be more fun?!




We really can’t get enough of this place!







And it is even still fun when they look back on it all.

disney ears shadow

The Preschool Years: Summertime!

20 Aug

August 2010

Where has the summer gone?  I’ve let time slip away from me.  Or maybe we have just been too busy enjoying our “doing something fun every day” plan…

J3 and J2 visited nearby Cathedral Caverns for their first real cave exploration.  They experienced TOTAL DARKNESS!

We took a trip to the Birmingham Zoo and rode the carousel while there.

We saw the STAR WARS exhibit at the Space and Rocket Center with our friends the Mitchells.  (J3 did a great C3PO impersonation.)

We visited at the park with Bible study friends.

And we just generally held down the fort back at the castle…

All in all, it’s been a GREAT summer!

We are, however, ready for a new year: new classes, new school, new friends!

Here’s to FALL!

J3: Cowboys will be cowboys

2 May

May 2010

J3 had to make a stick horse for his wild west school unit.  We were given a cut out paper horse to color and decorate.  He really, really wanted to create an elaborate horse, with embellishments and real hair.  We had the best stick horse in kindergarten.  Here he is with his “mean face” on, because he says that is what cowboys do.

The preschool years: Princesses

26 Apr

April 2010

Within five minutes of waking up one Monday morning we were in our traditional morning attire:

I mean, isn’t it normal to have two tinkerbells in one family? 

Shortly afterwards, we had to admire our work from the previous evening.

Because, you know, we’re princesses.

The best valentine

20 Apr

February 2010

I visited J3’s class for the valentine party.  Outside the classroom was a bulletin board decorated with doily hearts that each student had made.  My heart melted when I saw J3’s heart.  In little bitty letters he had printed the name of each member of our family on to the curves of the doily to encircle the heart.  Not a single other student had written on theirs.  Only he had written on his, and he chose to decorate it with the people he loves the most, his family.  What a gift for his mommy on Valentines day, the expression of his love for his whole grade to see. 

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

October 2009

Halloween has always been big at our house.  The only way to make it bigger?

Trick or treat at DISNEY WORLD!

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