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Halloween: Tate Farms AND Disney World

21 Oct

By now you must know our Halloween traditions include our favorite places!

This year was no different! We went to the pumpkin patch. Oh, yes, we did.





And we went to Disney World. Oh, yes, we did.





This year we added a twist. We went on a Disney Cruise. Oh yes, we did.


It took us to the Bahamas. Oh yes! It did!



We had a great time again. Oh yes, we did!

Magic at the Magic Kingdom

30 Oct

I don’t know what kind of Magic it really is at the Kingdom….

disney castle

But everyone stays happy, big and small…


Getting into the spirit of it all

disney epcot big kids

Truly feeling the magic of one princess meeting another

disney belles

And then dressing like the real thing themselves

disney princesses


Dressing up in Halloween Costumes…at DISNEY WORLD! What could be more fun?!




We really can’t get enough of this place!







And it is even still fun when they look back on it all.

disney ears shadow

Full Circle

28 Oct
Last year about this time we were preparing for Boo’s surgery.  It was the first time one of our children would have surgery, a simple tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/ear tubes, commonly done in children of her age, but I was a wreck nonetheless.  You see, we’d spent three and a half years chronicling every sniff and sneeze, every half-degree rise in her temperature, every abnormal movement she made.  Her hair was not normal.  Her blood work was not normal.  Nothing was out-of-bounds so much that it could be categorized as “eyebrow-raising” which, on one hand, made us very, very thankful. But on the other hand, this meant no doctor could follow her condition long enough for a true diagnosis.  Her first pediatrician said she’d possibly grow out of it, whatever it might be.  Three local dermatologists had differing opinions, ranging from “there’s nothing wrong with your daughter” to “there’s nothing we can do for her: better learn to live with it.”   Our second pediatrician was nothing if not persistent, which paid off in the long run.  She sent us to a slew of out of town specialists, many of whom consulted more specialized physicians than themselves.  Meanwhile, Boo endured test after test, doctor’s office after doctor’s office, needle stick after needle stick, and even the child psychologist, because after all, maybe it did originate in her head after all.  I mean, when I think back on it all, we really did do everything humanly possible, and all that time the answer was right under our noses.
It’s no understatement to many when I say that God’s time isn’t our own and this was no exception.  It took this level of persistence for us to have the opportunity to exercise our faith.  We were able to demonstrate to our God that we did in fact trust He would have an answer for us, and goodness knows we were going to stick with Him until He provided it.  I prayed over that child every day, and once we even layed hands on her at church and prayed over every precious strand of hair on her head.  Didn’t take too long, as there weren’t many. 


Last year we celebrated Halloween at Disney World.  Last year precious Boo had little hair.  There was tiny bits of growth due to the high-powered antibiotics she’d been on since August (and pretty much all year, sporadically) but it was sparse, coarse and prone to falling out without a moment’s notice.   She was still a precious and beautiful little girl, no doubt, but she was really missing a major component of who she would really become–I had no idea until lately how true this would be.  And she was so sick!  We spent much of our trip in first aid stations all over the Disney World parks and even consulted the Disney Doctor (who knew?!).    

The week we came home Boo had her surgery.  It was no small thing.  Though it wasn’t even “medically indicated” as they say, turns out the surgeon was stumped by the whole procedure.  He said those were the ugliest tonsils and adenoids he’d ever seen!  He sent them to pathology–the whole things!  Wonder of wonders…it wasn’t anything scary like cancer or lymphoma.  It was strep.  Good old garden variety.  Blown to such proportions that it was a wonder Boo was even able to harbor it all. 

With all of that gone from her system, he said, she’d sure feel a lot better.  He couldn’t make any promises about her hair, but he knew she’d have to feel better.

Well that was a year ago.  A year later we had to send a letter via mailbox to our pediatrician because it had been so long since we’d seen her.  Not only that, but Boo has grown a full 4 inches and the thickest, curliest, most beautiful head of hair you have ever seen on a little 4-year-old girl.  We really are the blessed recipients of a full-blown miracle.  It took faith and persistence and belief that God would answer our prayers to do this.

Last year, Boo was not able to do the Bibbity Bobity Boutique because she didn’t even have enough hair to brush, let alone put it in a princess bun atop her head.  This year, at Disney World, Boo–with hair far too unruly to be tamed into one of those little buns anyway– got her hair glittered at the Barber shop on Main Street.  

Then she got it wrapped by the Island lady in Adventureland.

Pride may be a sin, but we were sporting some serious happiness that day.  We have come a long way, sweet baby.  And I will never, ever let you forget the prayers we said over every curl on that rich little head.

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

October 2009

Halloween has always been big at our house.  The only way to make it bigger?

Trick or treat at DISNEY WORLD!

The Preschool Years: Disney

20 Apr

December 2008

The perfect trip to Disney World looks something like this.

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