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14 Apr

I love seeing them in their Easter finest.



But seeing them in their Easter FUNNEST is pretty great too.



He is risen indeed!

20 Apr

April 2010

The Preschool Years: Easter

20 Apr

March 2008

As usual, Easter was serious business.

Egg hunts…

The Easter dinosaur…

WAIT–scratch that–it was the Easter BUNNY..right…

and dressing in our finest…

The Preschool Years: Easter

19 Apr

March 2007

I love it when they do exactly what you tell ’em to do.  “Hide your eyes…”

The Preschool Years: Palm Sunday

19 Apr

March 2007

Palm Sunday.  While I know it isn’t right to be prideful, I can’t help but have a full heart to see my children dressed in their finest against this lovely backdrop before worshiping on this most special day of the year.   Dressing in coordinating outfits is something of a Sunday tradition, and my goodness, they do look beautiful today!

The Preschool Years

18 Apr

March 2006

He’s got the making of a BOY…

and he’s a chip off the old block.

But even with his first busted lip…

Isn’t he pretty?

J3: The Preschool Years: Easter

18 Apr


March 2005

A child’s innocence reminds us of the way the world should be. Can there be anything more profound than the resurrection and new life to take away the sins of the world?

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