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No Boundaries

31 May

Memorial Day meant summer for our family. We decided to kick it off right with a family Fun Run at the Cotton Row Race.

First, we prepared:









The fashionistas in the family ensuring all were appropriately attired in red, white, and blue.

Next we hydrated. A lot. It was, after all, 96 blazing degrees.

But this was a small matter, because when we got there we were ready to take on the race!


And with all these people:

It took some strategy:

It was truly a Memorial Day event. Approximately 2000 people said the Pledge of Allegiance in unison, joined in singing God Bless America, and listened to TAPS played in memory of fallen heros.

But once the cannon fired, we were off!

The GMH headed out quickly with J3 and polished off a mile in just over 12 minutes.

Meanwhile, the smaller variety chugged along at their own pace

And as far as you know they didn’t even take a shortcut or anything like that (just don’t confuse that with a haircut, like the youngest did…it made for a confusing conversation during race time).

With the end finally in sight, they finished their own course in 17:07. Not bad for short legs!

The water shower was a highlight, as was the free food and chocolate milk.

It was a day of huge accomplishment. In addition to our entire family enjoying this activity of patriotism and exercise, it was a special labor of love for my children and my husband to come out to the race for me.

Because really, that is why they were there to begin with.

I’ve been training for the 5K race for the past couple of months with my local Fleet Feet store, specifically with my No Boundaries coach, Jeri. She is the person who encouraged me to sign up for the race and who walked me through every step of training to be sure I would complete it successfully. Jeri always knew what to say, when to push me harder, and when to make me slow down. She was sincere in wanting me to truly experience the race itself, and soak it all in. And I did! I enjoyed every little detail, from everyone cheering on runners to the thrill of running over the strip. It was an experience I will never forget and I owe it to Jeri that I even did it (and completed it, in that heat!). I am truly grateful for her experience and her friendship.

Meanwhile, at home, my sweet family has been encouraging and supportive of my endeavor, and today, not only did they come out to see me at the start line, and mile one, and the finish line, but they even ran the fun run afterwards to show me their support and to share in the experience! It made me feel so proud to have them all rally around me like that and take something I have truly worked hard for as their own.

It was super hot and I learned a lot from this race. My goal was to finish, regardless of time. When Jeri asked me my goal, I naively told her I knew I couldn’t finish in my regular time but would be pleased if I could get close. (Now, after starting with almost 2000 people, I realize what a lofty goal that probably was!) However, in the end, Jeri did what she does best: she coached me through my first “Personal Best” and one I can be proud of!

Time: 31:48
22nd in age group out of 149!

Happy Memorial Day, it’s one I will surely remember!

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