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A panoply of fun

26 Apr

April 2010

One of our faves…Panoply!  We love doing fun family events like this, where everyone has a fun time.

We created tile squares…

strung beaded bracelets…

Got henna tattoos…

stood on the tables to paint doors and windows…

Got faces painted…


It was windy but a beautiful day!

Especially nice for ice cream.

Fun for all.

He is risen indeed!

20 Apr

April 2010

Christmas 2009

20 Apr

December 2009

This Christmas was special in many ways.  Boo and AC had recently recovered from ENT surgeries (and Boo was growing massive amounts of hair!).  J3 was really getting big, and enjoyed his break from school.  We had a lot to be thankful for this season, and one thing was that we spent a large portion of this holiday with just our family together.  We visited with the extended family some, but most of the holiday was spent with just us.  This made for some of the most special and treasured memories and teachable moments our family has cherished so far.  We are so, so blessed!

The Preschool Years: Disney

20 Apr

December 2008

The perfect trip to Disney World looks something like this.

The Preschool Years: Easter

20 Apr

March 2008

As usual, Easter was serious business.

Egg hunts…

The Easter dinosaur…

WAIT–scratch that–it was the Easter BUNNY..right…

and dressing in our finest…

The Preschool Years: New Baby!

20 Apr

December 2007

Why do these guys look so excited?

Or these two look like they have something to share?


Now there are THREE!!!

Happy birthday sweet AC!

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

December 2007

All the children really ARE grand!!

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