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The Preschool Years

20 Apr

October 2007

Halloween has become an all out month of festivities at our house!  This year we went to Tate Farms.  It was so much fun.  We went on a hay ride, picked out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, cooked out with our church, and roasted marshmallows. Plus there are rides and fun games (like a hay maze!) that kids can play all over the grounds. 

On the hayride!  This month we also celebrated halloween at Bootanica and also at our school pumpkin patch.  It was a very fun season.

Ready to trick or treat!!


The Preschool Years: Halloween

18 Apr

October 2006

Halloween was fun at Botanical Garden.  (Belle with fingers in mouth as usual…)

Fireman and pumpkin (traditional first Halloween attire)

Testing out the firetruck (at the real station)

And acting like goblins.

J3: The Preschool Years

18 Apr


October 2005

Our ferocious lion has never really enjoyed face paint.  When he was hesistant to complete his Halloween costume, Daddy took him into the bathroom to paint whiskers on his face…and this was the result.

J3; The Preschool Years: Halloween

18 Apr


October 2004

And so begins the tradition of wearing the pumpkin costume for baby’s first Halloween. I am not sure if it is that pumpkins and babies are both round and delicious but for the first time I completely understand the phrase “I could just eat you up!”

J3: The preschool years: Halloween and Jam Jams

18 Apr


October 2004

The jam jams from gymboree come in all styles.  I think the pumpkins are my favorite.  Or maybe it’s the kid with the blue eyes and the round cheeks smelling like Johnsons baby bath…

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