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First Day of School

14 Aug

That first day rolls around too soon again!



And oh, be still my heart. This one’s going to KINDERGARTEN.

And as anxious as she might have been in her younger years, she’s said goodbye to being shy.

She walked right into that classroom and picked up a book and made herself right at home.


It’s going to be a great year!

The One in the Middle

21 May

First it happened that my baby

was suddenly no longer the baby,

which suited her just fine.

But somewhere along the way her own little personality blossomed

her own interests took shape

and she was ready to take on the world.

And with charm like this, there isn’t much she can’t conquer.

She’s our star for sure.

And now she’s been given her walking papers for Kindergarten.

It’s here and it’s official. And while I know it was a process in the making, it feels like I forgot to pencil it in on my calendar and I missed it coming.

But I sure am proud.

J3: Cowboys will be cowboys

2 May

May 2010

J3 had to make a stick horse for his wild west school unit.  We were given a cut out paper horse to color and decorate.  He really, really wanted to create an elaborate horse, with embellishments and real hair.  We had the best stick horse in kindergarten.  Here he is with his “mean face” on, because he says that is what cowboys do.

The best valentine

20 Apr

February 2010

I visited J3’s class for the valentine party.  Outside the classroom was a bulletin board decorated with doily hearts that each student had made.  My heart melted when I saw J3’s heart.  In little bitty letters he had printed the name of each member of our family on to the curves of the doily to encircle the heart.  Not a single other student had written on theirs.  Only he had written on his, and he chose to decorate it with the people he loves the most, his family.  What a gift for his mommy on Valentines day, the expression of his love for his whole grade to see. 

J3: Kindergarten

20 Apr

December 2009

Joseph played in his first piano recital.  He began in August of the year he was 4, and has been taking ever since.  I was surprised at how well he did!  He played two duet pieces with his teacher in a sanctuary full of families. 

J3: Kindergarten

20 Apr

September 2009

In September he ran a mile!

Played soccer for real!

And had friends over after school for massively cool playdates.

The Preschool Years: Off we grow

20 Apr

August 2009

First days of school for kids little:

…and (sniff…sniff)..

for kids big…

Just like that.

The preschool years are over.

Bye mom.  Have a great life. day.


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