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Our most special friend

7 Jan

Miss J is Boo’s godmother. She is, without a doubt, our most special family friend. She was in Bible Study with J2 and me when we first met, and later read in our wedding. Now, as Boo’s godmother, she is with our family for most special occasions, especially the ones involving Boo. Like….birthdays…she has never missed one yet! And she lives two hours away!


The tradition is that we go to the Build a Bear Workshop and eat cupcakes!

THIS year, Boo turned Five. When J3 turned Five, he got to go to New York City. (Nevermind this was to tag along with us for a conference, nonetheless, he got a fantastic birthday trip out of the deal.) Like any smart-minded girl, Boo seized the opportunity of having a brand-new American Girl from Santa to decide that for her birthday she needed to take her doll to the American Girl Store…in New York City!


Of course Miss J came along!

(Note the snow! It had just left NYC – little did we know it was headed to our house!)


We did all the usual sights.


Which were especially beautiful at Christmastime.


And her doll came along to all activites, of course!


A memorable time was had by all! But made most special by Miss J!

The Preschool Years: NYC

20 Apr

February 2009

I was 30 before I went to NYC for the first time.

J3 was 5.

J3: The Preschool Years: NYC

18 Apr


December 2004

It took us seventeen attempts but we finally snapped the perfect picture for our Christmas card.  Too bad it didn’t catch the ambience well enough to show it was New York, baby’s first trip, after a day of Rockettes, watching ice skating, shopping with Cici, and a taxi cab. But hey, isn’t he cute?!

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