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White Christmas

28 Dec

Christmas brings a lot of fun traditions and new surprises to our home each year.


One of the most special this year was seeing Boo play the part of Mary in the Christmas play at preschool.


Made especially fun since she really “gets” the nativity story this year most of all:


But the biggest surprise of all: was our white Christmas!




We’re Thankful For…

20 Nov

Leaves in the fall…


Grandparents who come to see it all…


And turkeys too…


And moms who don’t miss a thing we do…


Pilgrims and Indians who introduced the day…


And our most wonderful teacher who made the Thanksgiving play…


Angels singing

3 May

May 2010

The littlest moments are the ones I cherish most.  This year’s LOGOS ended with children singing songs from the year, and then a full scale program by the bigger kids.  Boo was sitting beside us coloring when her age children lined up in front of the church.  We asked her if she should be up there with them, but she shook her head no.  Then with the first note of the first song, she said with a *gasp*! ” I AM supposed to be up there!” and she took off to join them, singing her little heart out.  She had absolutely no inhibition, no embarrassment, just took off running for the steps to sing for God. 

When it was J3’s turn, he sang songs I remember singing from when I was his age.  It was so touching!  He did every motion to every song without fail…as usual!  I love watching these children show God’s love in such a memorable way.

J3: Springtime piano recital

1 May

May 2010

So proud of J3!  Glad we got some wear out of his Easter suit…he wore it also for his first AMTA audition, where he got all highest marks, and then in the spring recital, where he made no mistakes and even used the pedal.  This was only a few hours after his t-ball game that morning! He’s a well rounded fellow. 

The Preschool Years: Advent season

20 Apr

December 2008

It was a special Christmas season.  J3 is getting old enough to really understand the Christmas story.  He is also graduating from preschool this year and is in a lot of Christmas programs through school and church. 

At the church program he sang with the choir.  He sang every word in earnest, demonstrated every motion with great detail.  He didn’t miss a beat.  He felt every word of every song.  It meant so much.  I was so proud of him.

At the school play he was assigned a part in the reenactment of the story “This is the Star.” I have never been more proud of him than I was at this play.  He’s smart enough, but he wasn’t a wsieman.  He’s got personality but he wasn’t the star.  He can get along with the crown but he didn’t low with the cows or gather with the horses.  He was a shepherd.  One who watches over others, protects, leads when he needs to, follows when directed.  

“Rise up shepherd and follow.”

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