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We are a WCA family

29 Feb

Last summer Joe, Joseph, Bidbit and Bees participated in a fundraiser golf tournament for WCA. This winter they wanted to have our family photo taken for the WCA magazine. We all dressed in school colors. I am so thankful for this photo of both sides of our family, with all of our children!

golf image kelly's 4


Because, you never really know.

7 Sep



I mean, things change, right?


First Day of School

14 Aug

That first day rolls around too soon again!



And oh, be still my heart. This one’s going to KINDERGARTEN.

And as anxious as she might have been in her younger years, she’s said goodbye to being shy.

She walked right into that classroom and picked up a book and made herself right at home.


It’s going to be a great year!

A Year to Remember

28 May

Twenty children and several siblings giggled and wiggled, ready for the pizza and cake, wondering why their mamas were misty-eyed in sheer amazement.

My own heart was full of emotion. Sitting in this same spot last year at a different school my heart had ached when the teacher called my child by the wrong name for the hundredth time, and when the other children taunted each other in the classroom around us. Today I knew we’d come full circle, J3 sitting firmly in his desk next to me, smiling broadly, surrounded by children he’s really connected to this year at school, and enveloped in a place of love, grace and bursting expectation.

“Read it to me!” my son said when he saw the little-bitty print on the letter from one of his teachers on the first page of the giant scrapbook that details every exciting moment of his first grade year. I started the letter. I stopped after the first line. My eyes were filled to the brim and my forehead was making that wrinkle that extends down to my lips, the one that makes my whole face crack into an ugly cry. I had to stop. N-o-w. I’d skimmed ahead in the letter. The one that spoke to the heart of my child–his very HEART–and gave him both faithful encouragement and gentle, Godly advice that can remain with him for the rest of his life.
These women know my child almost as well as I do, I thought. Really, maybe even as well as I do.

What a gift. What a blessing.

Our teachers are leaving after this year, one retiring after an incredible 28 years of service.
This set the tone for the topic of the day to be “Are you coming back next year.” Oh yes. We will be back. This year has been a logistical challenge. Sometimes I don’t feel as plugged in as I should be. I am not sure I could recommend this school to the next family.

But for us, it’s a gift we treasure. I appreciate the confidence of knowing that when I send my children into the world of school, it is not a world separate from our home. It is an extension of their regular world; it enriches the Christian values they learn at home. I hope it creates a continuity for them, a constancy that they can depend on in times of decision-making. I was once unsure of how important this trial year would be. I am now thankful for how solid this foundation has proven to become.

As I flipped each page of the scrapbook, I was reminded of each milestone J3 has accomplished this year. I could see the improvements little (handwriting!) and large (creativity!) he has made as the months passed. The pictures showed a bright and happy boy, excited about the challenges of school. I could hear his voice on mornings when I would ask him if he wanted to sleep in or stay home to catch up on needed rest: “No way, mom! I need to get to school!” If I’d known they were doing this much activity, I’d have better understood his enthusiasm! More than anything I felt grateful for the time and effort his teacher had put into making these twenty scrapbooks for every child’s family.

Finally, on to the pizza and cake, but not before we tell you one more time:
We will miss you, Mrs. Matthewson and Mrs. Washam, but we will never, ever forget you.

We’re Thankful For…

20 Nov

Leaves in the fall…


Grandparents who come to see it all…


And turkeys too…


And moms who don’t miss a thing we do…


Pilgrims and Indians who introduced the day…


And our most wonderful teacher who made the Thanksgiving play…



Because, you never really know.

14 Sep

joseph work (2)

The Preschool Years: Summertime!

20 Aug

August 2010

Where has the summer gone?  I’ve let time slip away from me.  Or maybe we have just been too busy enjoying our “doing something fun every day” plan…

J3 and J2 visited nearby Cathedral Caverns for their first real cave exploration.  They experienced TOTAL DARKNESS!

We took a trip to the Birmingham Zoo and rode the carousel while there.

We saw the STAR WARS exhibit at the Space and Rocket Center with our friends the Mitchells.  (J3 did a great C3PO impersonation.)

We visited at the park with Bible study friends.

And we just generally held down the fort back at the castle…

All in all, it’s been a GREAT summer!

We are, however, ready for a new year: new classes, new school, new friends!

Here’s to FALL!

The Preschool Years

14 Aug

First Day of School rolls around too soon!

This one growing at an alarming rate…


J3: Kindergarten

20 Apr

September 2009

In September he ran a mile!

Played soccer for real!

And had friends over after school for massively cool playdates.

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

August 2008

I hope their appetites are as big as their lunchboxes.

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