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Hockey…and so it begins

30 Mar


No more baseball. This was the first time with a stick in hand. NOT THE LAST!


Happy 6th birthday to our Boo!

12 Jan

This was a birthday party for the books. Belle decided she wanted a skating party. An ICE SKATING PARTY. We are not sure why she wanted this kind of party. She did not know how to ice skate. Recently the winter Olympics were on television and she did see a lot of skating. We can only figure this is how she got the idea. I think she was more into the decor and the idea of wearing a skating outfit than actually ice skating. The decor was definitely on point:


Even her American Girl was there, dressed to skate as well.


And this girl is a FAN of a beautiful cake.




The panic started to set in when I got RSVPs. She had invited BOTH kindergarten classes to skate. KINDERGARTEN. Few of them had even been skating before. None of them actually knew how. Start the valium IV drip. I was not going to make it through this party without a nervous breakdown.


At the end of the day, it was awesome. Lots of parents were terrific sports and skated with their kids, some really mastering the skills that day. My kids had a BALL. They skated with their dad until they skated with their friends until they were soon flying around the rink all on their own.

Ice Skating
Interestingly, this guy had a blast too. Later in the month, we would visit his aunt Kim. Our family would discuss baseball sign ups and how we were going to get to the park on the day they were scheduled. He spoke up and said he didn’t want to do baseball this spring. (!!) A former college catcher, his dad’s heart may or may not have broken into tiny bits, but he didn’t show it, thankfully. We encouraged him to sign up for it. Sports are fun, we said.

I want to ice skate, he said.

!!!  You just never know what a skating party will bring.

For this guy it became his #1 sport and several all star teams and tournaments. All from a 6 year old party.

J3: Swim Team

29 Jun

June 2010

Last summer J3 learned to swim.  It was…well, kinda painful

This summer, he jumped right into the pool.  At first we weren’t sure he’d be ready for the first meet, but as soon as practice began we knew he was going to participate all season.  The first meet was a home meet and he took over a minute to get across the pool, but he did it, and he. had. so. much. fun!!!

Here he is, with some of his friends, having fun at the pep rally before the meet:

And here he is swimming his first meet of the season:

For the second meet, he sliced his time to only 40 seconds!!

We could really care less about his time or his performance but we are just so prod to see him work so hard to achieve a goal, and to compete for something.  So many times we give children a reward just for participating, but this is the first time he has had to work for something objective and hard!  And he’s been able to have fun doing it too.  I’m so proud of my little man.

Who’s on first?

20 Apr


April 2010

Check out the form on this throw!


20 Apr

February 2010

J3 played basketball this year.  So far this has been the best team experience we have had to date.  Maybe it isn’t the sport he is the most skilled at, but he sure seemed to enjoy it and the organization was really fun!

The Preschool Years

20 Apr

Seriously, this picture cracks me up.  I am not sure if it is the pink shorts Boo insisted on wearing to every soccer game, or the lunatic look on AC’s face, or the blue gatorade mustaches.  Whatever it is, it’s a capture the moment kind of picture for me! 

J3: Kindergarten

20 Apr

September 2009

In September he ran a mile!

Played soccer for real!

And had friends over after school for massively cool playdates.

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